Drum Machine vs. Cheap Drums

Alright it will be obvious from the very beginning of this article I am extremely one-sided towards the Cheap Drum Set, this is on the grounds that I have a long standing contempt for Drum Machines. Give me a chance to clarify; I am of a firm conviction that a drummer is the heartbeat of the band, while it is the musicality segment that drives a melody the drummer drives the beat segment. A few groups out there are selecting to swear off the chase for a drummer for simply purchasing a drum machine and programming up the drum tracks, here and there spending more on a drum machine than they would have on shoddy drums. If you are looking for a unique one, purchase a 9 note handpan.

To me there is some kind of problem with a machine managing you through your music, there is no variety amid tunes, no taking a gander at one another and choosing to enable the lead guitarist to play that additional eight bars on the finish of his performance, no human contact.. you become a captive to the machine!

What I am attempting to get at is this…if you’re in a band and you just need to set out a couple of tracks, why not purchase a shabby drum set and have somebody in the band figure out how to play fundamental thumps? You will adapt similarly as quick as you will figure out how to program up a machine, and what’s more…if you figure out how to discover a drummer who may be eager to play when you choose to begin gigging, at any rate there is a pack there to kick you off!

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