Automatic Gates: Pros and Cons

Why are automatic gates important? The popularity of living inside a gated neighborhood is growing but why? Are individuals worried about status or safety?

Automatic gates are gates that open and shut without the guidance of a person once the conditions are fulfilled and presented. For example, in Oscoda where we holiday we’ve got an automated slide gate. In order to exit or enter the centre we have to press a code, a distinct number for every homeowner. We enter this code into a small entry control system which sits to the side of the gate. When we key in the suitable code we’re then permitted to enter or leave. Emergency vehicles such as fire and police trucks have been given a crisis response code to get the gate in the event of an emergency within the cottage association.

There are many positives and negatives associated with gated communities. I really like the freedom it allows us family trips into the cottage. We all know everyone in the association and visitors is always minimal so that you feel very safe letting your kids play with other kids in the area without the stress of outsiders entering. The safety I feel on holiday is well worth every dime we paid to get the automated gate. It also gives us a better sense of security with the cabin when we are not around. I’m less concerned about somebody going into the cabin and eliminating our belongings.

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The gate is also a wonderful addition to help keep the kids from traveling outside of the allotted place. A busy street is directly outside the gate. I don’t worry at all about my kids accidentally riding their bikes out into the traffic resulting in a possible deadly situation. The gate retains two purposes keeping people out and keeping folks in.

I also really like the course status it provides to our cabin association. It makes the grounds and landscaping richer. I am sure when people drive pass that they are thinking about the level of people that live within. Maybe not realizing it is actually just us, cottage dwellers. It is funny how something such as an automated gate may change the status of an establishment.

Many people consider automatic gates and inconvenience. My girlfriend hates that when she visits us at the condo she’s to telephone us and we have to replicate her in. I never give my code out to anyone. Private details like that is intended to stay inside the family and that is it. If someone uses the cottage they receive a temporary code that the institution assigns and is only viable throughout the dates we give them access to the cabin. I understand the resale value of our cottage went up once the gate was set up and functioning. Obviously I see that this is a benefit but potential home buyers may not. Gated communities have a tendency to be a bit more pricey than their non-gated counterparts.

Before you decide on residing full time in a gated neighborhood way the choices available to you which can assist you in making a more educated choice. I know or home isn’t located inside a gated community and I feel equal as safe allowing the kids to play and stay home alone. I have spent time making friends with the neighbors; I decide to live on the conclusion of a private dirt road with minimal traffic and installed movement lights around the house for the day hours. This and the understanding that I keep very good tabs on the where about of my loved ones in any way times makes me feel like I have made the correct selection for both our cabin and residence.

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