Welcome to the Redwood Area Early Childhood Coalition Website

The Redwood Area Early Childhood coalition is a group of individuals dedicated to the education, safety, well-being, and growth of children ages 0-5 and their families.   The group consists of community leaders, county agencies, faith leaders, business leaders, educators, and community members from the communities of Belview, Morton, Lower Sioux, and Redwood Falls.

                                                                    Our Vision:

Every child in the Redwood Area ages 0-5 will thrive in a climate that actively supports their overall development.

                                                                               Our Priorities:

1. To encourage parent development and caregiver support opportunities.

2. Facilitate community networking and engagement to benefit our youngest children and address gaps in services in our area.

3. Develop a community mindset that values prevention approaches to invest early and save later.

                                                                        Our Proposed Strategies:

1. Launch a broad-based public awareness compaign that uses all sectors to spread key messages across the community.

2. Maximize our partnerships to reach more families more often; utilizing a coordinated approach to outreach and education via a “ripple effect”.

3. Grow leaders within our community across sectors to be champions for our youngest children.